Monday, January 16, 2012

Predictions for 2012

OK, yes, these are a couple of weeks late. Never mind.

  1. Motor Racing: Button will win the F1 driver's championship; Audi will win Le Mans
  2. Iran: Shots will be fired, UN sanctions, no invasion in 2012
  3. Eurozone: Greece defaults, EFSF and FU do nothing, Euro currency limps on (>1.30/£, <$1.20)
  4. Scotland: No referendum date announced during 2012
  5. Olympics: More GB medals than at Beijing 2008, but fewer golds
  6. Terrorism: No attack on the Olympics, nor in the UK mainland
  7. Markets: Gold will top $1900/oz, FTSE >6000 and S&P500 >1350 during the year
  8. US politics: Romney will get the GOP nomination and will narrowly beat Obama
  9. UK politics: Ed Miliband will survive (at least) through the Labour party conference, the coalition will last into 2013
  10. Mayan calendar: the world won't end in 2012

- Mystic KoW

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