Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Predictions for 2010

Inspired by Iain Dale's predictions, here are mine:
  1. Inflation will reach double digits
  2. Conservative victory in the General Election, by >30 seats
  3. Britain will lose her AAA credit rating...
  4. ... but will regain it by the end of the year after massive cuts in public expenditure
  5. The FTSE100 will drop below 4000 before rebounding
  6. There won't be a new Labour leader in 2010, Brown will cling on and smear his rivals as the party implodes
  7. Sterling will drop below parity with the Euro, and below 120 Yen, but will stay around $1.50
  8. Global Cooling will continue, more neutral/negative results will come out, as will a few more scandals, Copenhagen will be swept under the carpet and most politicians will be claiming by the end of the year that they were always skeptical
  9. Sebastian Vettel to win the F1 world championship - he'll be the fastest German on the grid, certainly
  10. VAT may or may not increase, but basic rate income tax will hit 25% as a temporary measure
- Mystic KoW

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