Friday, October 23, 2009

(Silver)Stoned to death?

According to the BBC report here, Donnington Park has effectively given up on hosting the British Grand Prix - let alone exclusively for the next decade. With luck, it'll be back to Silverstone - but Bernie Ecclestone should make it clear that there will be a British Grand Prix no matter what. We have enough tracks in this country, a long tradition in all forms of motorsport, and millions of fans: if Brazil's and Italy's fans are enough to guarantee a race every year, so should we be.

Donnington yesterday pulled a £135m bond issue, presumably because there was no chance of raising that much money... I wonder what that says about the regular government debt auctions. No money out there? Government already borrowing it all, and at a better credit rating? Investors worried about inflation or a Sterling crash eating the value?

- KoW

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