Saturday, October 10, 2009

They think it's all over

The Guardian reports that government-funded1 think-tank NIESR disagrees with George Osborne's pension figures, and doesn't feel that they'll raise as much as he wants. They may even be right. I've an assessment of the pension situation of my own waiting to be written-up, which doesn't paint a nice picture for the state pension.

The sixth paragraph in that article is an absolute jewel, however: "Opposition politicians said the miscalculation cast doubt on Osborne's fitness to be chancellor."

O RLY? Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition are united behind their Shadow Chancellor, the Lib Dems are (as ever) irrelevant, so should one draw the conclusion that even hardcore Labour supporters consider themselves to be in Opposition now? A Freudian Slip, perhaps? The choice of Phillip Inman to pair that line with a quote from Alistair Darling does amuse...

(Hat tip for the article's existence to Ben Wegg-Prosser and, I think, Flying Matters - not sure now where I got the retweet!)

- KoW

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